Georgie’s Big Break
This was published in The Sun, and made into a short movie going around to festivals.
Clown Girl
Novel. (2007)
revised, The Insomniac Reader (2005)
“Ditto, That,”
Northwest Edge, Fictions of Mass Destruction, Chiasmus Press
The Chicago Reader (2003)
Bones in the Garden, Chapter 1
Novella, appeared in The Stranger weekly, Seattle, Vol 9, No 48 (August 17-23, 2000).
Born Magazine

"Burnt Tongue" reading

"The Stud Book" launch party, Powell's Books, Burnside, Portland.

What a good time! So many fabulous people. Oh, my heart. I appreciate Portland's writing community so much. 

Clown Girl featured on Oregon Art Beat

Georgie’s Big Break

A trailer for a film based on my short story by the same name.

Featuring Northwest literary stars Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club), New York Times bestselling author, Chelsea Cain (Heartsick), and Willy Vluatin (The Motel Life), Georgie's Big Break is about the high hopes of a single mother, a woman living the life of the body as she raises her infant. She makes a fresh foray back to the world of ideas through Portland's largest literary festival. With a mix of comedy and genuine emotion, this film offers a showcase of some of Portland's hottest talent. Adapted and directed by Andy Mingo.

Reading from the Studbook

A reading from a draft of the Studbook. The camera is a bit shaky.

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