Once I had tickets to see k d lang, in Tucson, Arizona. Something happened, I got there late, they closed the doors, I wasn’t allowed in! Okay, they let me in after the first song or two.

Now, though I don’t sing, I shared a stage with her. Amazing! No way would I interrupt the voices of Colin Meloy & k d lang as we were meant to share a microphone, but still, she pulled me forward. So kind. Lovely show, lovely evening. John Wesley Harding always brings good energy when he comes around. You can see the grand finale here:

Cabinet of Wonders, Music Rx, John Wesley Harding & crew–what a great time!


As far as I know there’s no official recording of the show. If anyone out there in the world has my segment, my short reading…I’d love to have a look. Lidia kd and me

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