Mother’s Day 2014

I know so many hard working moms. Single, married, partnered, complicated. Holding the family together, raising their kids, earning money, making choices, afraid of the future, working toward the future, blowing it, drinking wine, reaching for a hit o’ that if you would, trying to be better than their own childhoods, trying to be half as good as some moment they remember, crying over mom, wishing it were different, knowing it’ll never be different, buying their own mom something to keep her feet warm, dancing to Thrift Shop, dancing to Major Lazer, spitting wine when they laugh, purple teeth, a weakness for just one more pair of boots, a weakness for booze, a head for philosophy, concerned with social justice, hoping to save the bees, reaching out, taking care of children they didn’t give birth to but you’d never know, they will forever love them like their blood, and why not? So many moms screwing up, sorting it out, getting it right, letting their hearts open. I could go on with this list forever. Happy mother’s day, everyone, wherever you fall on the continuum, even if you’re the man in charge, the man who is the dad. Oh, hell. Even if you’re Jonathan Franzen, who thinks “Love your mother” is the worst environmental slogan ever, because he has a hard time with it. Let’s take care of each other, and of this place, what we’ve got. xo

A Perfect Planet

OMSI is running way late in opening the planetarium doors, parents are yelling at staff, the line is out of control and a staff person says,”Hey, we’re all adults here!” He looks maybe 20. At least half if those in line are under 10.


On the way to see “A Perfect Planet,” about how nice it is to live on Earth.