On work and writing

I’ve worked at Burger King.
I’ve been a secretary.
I’ve worked as support for home health care, typing up admit forms of symptoms for the dying, one after another eight hours at a time.
A waitress and a hostess,
I’ve sat at the bar, eating my free meal, once the rush ended.
Walked home in the small hours, late night almost morning.
I’ve made deli salads on a large scale, stirring in the mayonnaise, the noodles. The chopped chicken bits.
I’ve made sandwiches. “None of that grass, on there!” the old rich geezer used to yell at me, his name on half the buildings downtown.
And I’d slowly lift a handful of sprouts, just to see the color rise in his
very pale face.
I’ve been a clown
and a professional cake cutter.
I’ve worked in art installation, driving the van, Art4You,
decorating law offices, beach condos, telling them where to put the
stork sculpture, the big painting, the work to match the couch.
I’ve hung art for major car dealers, the names you see
around license plates.
As an underwriter, I’ve seen the stories credit history tells,
medical records, grades.
The backside of the life story.
There’s more. There’s always more.
But mostly, I’ve been writing, the whole time.

A poem for the day.

Efficiency Expert

Hire a man
To say the way to cut spending
is to pull back on health care
Hire the same man
to say
Increase administration.
Hire this man
To have a permanent on-going
place in your drowning institution
And the efficiency you’ve found?
It’s fast:
Everything has gone to hell.

Ceci n’est pas…

A moment of history:

Rene Magritte is famous for many things, including his little contradictory, willful work, “Ceci n’est pas une pipe,” painted in the 1820’s.

*But* for all it’s brilliant originality…

I don’t know if as many people look back another 50 or so years, to literature, to Denis Diderot’s “Ceci n’est pas un conte,” where we see the same sense of assertion and contradiction. Just sayin’.

Ceci n’est pas une essai. It isn’t. Really. 424434_10150570349975829_1736024930_n